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Live In Your House Or Move Out During A Renovation?

Is it time for a renovation? Have you thought about whether you will continue to live in your house or move out during the renovation process? It is a good idea to list down the pros and cons before making a decision.

Home Renovations

Live in your house or move out


Live In Your House Or Move Out? Advantages Of Staying In Your Home

It’s nice to think there won’t be too many changes and disruptions during a home renovation, but what are the real advantages of renovating and being able to live in your house in the middle of a renovation?

You Can SAVE Lots Of Money!

Save Money

Save Money

Do you live in your house or move out? Moving out can be a very expensive exercise, from hiring Removalists to hiring trucks, as well as the time to pack up your house and move into a temporary home.

Moving out also means you will need to factor in the cost to rent another property or hotel costs. If you decide to live in your house during a renovation means you save a lot more money!

Monitor Every Step Of The Renovation

If you live in your house during a renovation you are able to keep a close eye on the renovation progress. You can keep track on the different stages of the renovation and know where it may be falling behind. If there are any issues, you are able to raise it with your contractor immediately to avoid further delays in the renovation process.

Resolve Problems Immediately

Renovating is not always a smooth process. Issues will arise, from the wrong colour choices or tiles that are no longer accessible. If decide to live in your house during the renovation you are on-hand to manage any problems that may arise immediately. There will be less delays in the decision-making process if you are around to see the problems and resolve the issues immediately.

Live In Your House Or Move Out? Disadvantages Of Staying In Your Home

Do you live in your house or move out? Whilst you are able to save lots of money and have other advantages of staying in your home during a renovation, there are also disadvantages that need to be considered.

Say Bye Bye To Routine

Remember, you will have limited access to certain parts of your house. You will need to change the way you do things around your home. Cooking may not be possible if you are in the process of renovating your kitchen. This could mean that you will need to get used to either microwave-made meals or eating take-out most nights. Washing may also be done in your bathroom or laundry. Overtime these little inconveniences could become a big headache. 

Small Children may not adjust well with the temporary routine. Changes in sleeping habits will need to be factored in. For example, a different room, and noise can be an issue during nap times.

Is It Safe for You And Your Family?

Do you need to wear hard hats around your house? This may not always be possible, so think about what this might mean for you and your family. If you will be around exposed wires or nails and tools lying around then it may not be wise to live in your house during the renovation. Children need to be monitored more closely to avoid danger zones around the house.

Pets will also need to be considered. Cats and dogs don’t generally like loud noise so think about how much the renovation may upset your furry friends.

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Stress And Dirt

It will be hard to relax during a renovation. You will have limited access to parts of your house so your home space will be smaller. Contractors will also be in and out of your home. There will be plenty of noise from tools and machines, as well as the contractors being around all day. Think about the amount of stress you will go through during this time and how it will affect you and your family.

Dust! Dirt! These are the things you will be living with. Your things could be packed in boxes covered in a thick layer of dust. Your furniture will be covered in dust. This could be an issue if you have allergies that may be triggered by the dust that will be flying around.

Hidden Costs

If you decide to live in your house during a renovation, there will be inconveniences for you and your family. If it becomes too much to handle, you may decide to change the renovation schedule for your convenience. Some contractors charge a fee for changing the work schedule.

Contact your Mortgage Broker for advice on how to make your renovation as simple as possible. Once you’ve done thought about your pros and cons. The OneSite Team will be available to assist you!

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