What is the First Home Super Saver Scheme – FHSS?

Home upgraders

The First Home Super Saver Scheme (FHSS) is an Australian Government initiative, allowing you to save for your home inside your super, helping first home buyers save faster with the concessional tax treatment of superannuation.

The FHSS was introduced by the Australian Government to reduce pressure on housing affordability. It is designed to allow first home buyers to save towards a home deposit in their super fund. Under the FHSS Scheme, you can make either before-tax contributions or after-tax contributions to your super account. You can then request a release of the funds when you are ready to buy a home to live in.

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[Video] The Different First Home Buyer Assistance Schemes Explained

First home buyers

There are a lot of stimulus and assistance schemes aimed at First Home Buyers.

This video will walk you through the 4 different First Home Buyers Assistance Schemes run by both the state and federal governments. Liz will walk you through the pros and cons of all 4 schemes. Who they are targeted at. When you can use them. And how you can use them effectively.

With the current economic conditions, this might present the best time in years for First Home Buyers to get their foot on the first rung of the property ownership ladder.

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What Does The First Home Loan Deposit Scheme Mean For You?

Loan Features

Buying your first home is one of life’s significant events. You’ve probably been saving for the deposit over a number of years while looking for the perfect place to call home. If you were to purchase a home today, you would most likely need to have saved up a deposit equivalent to 20% of the home’s value.

From January 1, 2020, the Federal Government has tried to make life a little easier for you. They are offering the first 10,000 eligible borrowers a hand with their deposits through the First Home Loan Deposit Scheme.

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What Happens If Nobody Wins At An Auction?

Real estate auction

Selling is not always a certainty at auction. In NSW and VIC for example, around 25% of all auctioned properties are passed in (according to realestate.com.au).

What does this mean for the vendors and prospective buyers if no one wins the auction?

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You’ve Won The Auction – What Happens Next?

Business man hand writing on paper

Congratulations! You’ve just bought a property at auction. Before you can move in, there are some things you need to do. Remember, it’s always recommended to seek legal advice before purchasing a property.

There’s no cooling-off period when you buy at auction, so you can’t change your mind after you put in the winning bid and the hammer falls.

The next steps are governed by state and territory legislation, but are largely the same nationwide.

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20 New NSW Strata Laws To Be Aware Of

NSW Strata Law Changes

There are more than 90 changes to the strata laws that come into force in NSW on November 30, 2016.

If you live or own property that is part of a strata scheme, here are the 20 new or updated rules that will affect you most. From forced sales or upgrades, to tenant reps, strata management contract term limits and debt collection.

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5 Negotiation Tips For Buying Property

Negotiation Skills

There is room to maneuver in any negotiation, and property is no exception. Arm yourself with some basic buying strategies and you could save a tidy sum.

This article will identify the 5 main techniques you can employ when negotiating your next property purchase.
This article will

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