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OneSite Finance compares loans from 40 plus lenders to help you save years in mortgage repayments, fees and taxes... We provide independent, expert advice and fast home loan approvals

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The Clients We Help ...

First Home Buyers

Are you looking for help with the purchase of your first home or investment?

Our expert Mortgage Brokers will guide you through the process from start to finish. We've been in your shoes and know how daunting the process sounds.


Do you own your own home and want to upgrade to a bigger one?

We can guide you through the upgrade process. We will help you see if you can purchase your new home before selling your current one. We can see what is needed to keep both!

Home Builders

For clients looking to buy land and build or for those looking to carry out major renovations on their existing home.

Either way, we can help you through the land and construction loan process ensuring a smooth, pain-free experience for you and your family.


Are you using the most suitable home loan product on the market?

Our independent Mortgage Brokers will help you compare thousands of home loan products from our panel of 40 plus lenders to see if there is a more suitable option.

Property Investors

We help Sydney clients looking to invest and grow their wealth through property.

With the right advice, we can help you save years and thousands in repayments, fees and tax - legally.

9 Ways Our Mortgage Brokers Help Sydney Home Owners and Investors Get the Most Suitable Loan and Save Thousands in Mortgage Repayments, Fees and Taxes

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Choosing the right home loan can help you save thousands of dollars to enjoy now and invest and build wealth for your future. Choosing the wrong home loan can burden you and your family with unnecessary financial pressure and slow your progress towards financial independence. Here are some of the ways we help you get approved for the right home loan:

Hundreds of Home Loans to Choose From

Our independent Mortgage Brokers will analyse your needs and compare hundreds of home loan products from our panel of 40 plus lenders. We cover the market including the Big 4, mid-tier banks, internationals and credit unions.

Your bank, as good as they may be, can only ever show you their in-house loan products.

Exceptional Lender Relationships

The Lenders treat our expert Mortgage Brokers as trusted partners. This allows us to:

  • Negotiate better interest rates and bigger discounts than what is advertised or granted in branch
  • Achieve faster turn-around times. This is a huge advantage in a market like Sydney
  • Ask for upfront or discounted property valuations
  • Negotiate and present challenging or non-standard deals

Being able to move quickly in a property transaction in Sydney is essential. It can be the difference between purchasing your dream home and missing out.

Structured to Save Tax

Our network of trusted professional advisors will help you structure your finances to legally save tax and give you greater cash flow to improve your lifestyle, reduce debt, and invest for the future. It's amazing how the right setup can save you hundreds of thousands in tax - legally. Now and in the future.

Ongoing Yearly Reviews

Our customer services team will review your situation periodically to ensure you always have the most suitable home loan product. We will renegotiate with your current lender on your behalf to make sure you never pay more than you need to.

And if we find a more suitable loan product with a different lender, we'll look after all the paperwork.

Fast & Efficient Processing

Thanks to our advanced systems, we will take the headache out of completing all the paperwork saving you many hours and grey hairs. Our reviews and testimonials are all about helping clients achieve their dreams with the least stress possible.

The Confidence of a Genuine Loan Pre-Approval

Some lenders only offer approval estimates to save time and effort. At OneSite Finance, we make sure you get a genuine Loan Pre-Approval. This gives you the confidence to bid on your next home or investment property knowing that the funds will be present when you need them.

We can do this even in the fast-paced Sydney market where you often get no more than 5 days of cooling off.

15 Years of Home Loan Expertise

OneSite Finance was founded in 2005. As of June 2020, we've helped 1,419 clients purchase their first homes, invest in property, build newer or bigger homes and refinance existing home loans. We are here for our customers every step of the way.

Our mortgage brokers are some of the most reviewed mortgage professionals in Australia, with hundreds of real reviews from Sydney Home owners and investors on Google and Facebook.

Better still, all our brokers are all property owners themselves. They've been in your shoes and can guide you through the often convoluted purchase process.

Your Local Mortgage Experts

OneSite Finance is all about the customer experience. When you call us, you will talk to a real Mortgage Broker in Sydney. Not an overseas call centre operator. Our office is located on the Sydney CBD Fringe suburb of Surry Hills - a 5-minute walk from Sydney's Central Station. We can meet you there, or online. The choice is yours.

We all live in different parts of Sydney and are quite involved in a number of community service and charity initiatives.

Free Advice Without Obligation

Whether you’re thinking about buying a home or just want to make sure you are not overpaying on your current home loan, get in touch for a Free Home Loan Strategy Session. We can visit you at home, you can come to our office in Surry Hills, or we can meet online on Zoom. We will share with you our best ideas and advice. Ideas that are specific to your situation, 100% free.

We get paid a commission by the lender you select at the end of the process. All lenders pay the same amount of commission approximately.

Find a Home Loan That Suits Your Current and Future Needs

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Real Client Reviews From Home Buyers and Investors From All Around Sydney

Since 2005, OneSite Finance's expert Mortgage Brokers have assisted 1,419 clients all around Sydney. Our Brokers helped Home Owners and Property Investors save thousands in mortgage repayments, fees and tax

Here's what some of these clients have had to say about their experiences with OneSite Finance over the years.

  • Franky o. Avatar
    Franky o.

    Liz has been very helpful with our mortgage needs, we are very thankful for all her assistance. She works diligently and efficiently and made smooth... read more -

    Heidi Z. Avatar
    Heidi Z.

    Karen and Liz are two of the hardest working professionals I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with – these days it is... read more -

    Chevy D. Avatar
    Chevy D.

    Andi was very highly recommended by a colleague and friend. From start to finish, Andi from OneSite has been very helpful and keen on answering... read more -

  • Maria P. Avatar
    Maria P.

    We are very pleased with the service provided by Norman from OneSite Finance. Norman made our first home buying process a breeze through briefing us... read more -

    Gabrielle M. Avatar
    Gabrielle M.

    Liz helped us from start to finish with our home loan and we cannot thank her enough! Liz supported and educated us along the way... read more -

    Magdalena D. Avatar
    Magdalena D.

    We can say confidently that One Site is The Best Mortgage Finance Company, and Liz is the Best Mortgage Broker! We have known Liz since... read more -

  • Avayar D. Avatar
    Avayar D.

    Liz is an amazing mortgage broker and seems to be working 24/7 as she answers emails and sms very quickly at all times. She has... read more -

    Zander a. Avatar
    Zander a.

    We have been dealing with Liz as a mortgage broker since we purchased our first home in 2005. Since then we have come to... read more -

    Joe s. Avatar
    Joe s.

    Liz is a super efficient and helpful broker. She was available 24/7 to answer any of our questions which I am sure you will not... read more -

  • Didi S. Avatar
    Didi S.

    Norman is one of the most professional broker we've ever known. He has assisted in planning since the beginning and has been patiently answered our... read more -

    Craig M. Avatar
    Craig M.

    We were extremely impressed at the effort and time Liz was able to provide in assisting us with a construction loan through 2018. She was... read more -

    Emma B. Avatar
    Emma B.

    Liz has helped me through one mortgage and 2-3 remortgages/restructures and I cannot speak more highly of her. She has integrity, perseverance (negotiates hard!), and... read more -

  • Anastasie V. Avatar
    Anastasie V.

    Liz was amazing! She explained everything very thoroughly and always kept us in the loop with various steps. She helped us with our land and... read more -

    Mike Avatar

    Liz from OneSite is incredible. After having her help us find a mortgage that is right for us, I am actively recommending her to my... read more -

    A G. Avatar
    A G.

    Liz has been excellent to deal with. She is highly knowledgeable on home loan products and which ones suited me and my personal situation best.... read more -

View more reviews at the OneSite Finance Google My Business page

We Compare Hundreds of Home Loans From Over 40 Lenders To Find You The Most Suitable Home Loan


Our Mortgage Brokers will save you time, effort and stress. We will help you navigate through the property purchase or refinance process from start to finish

Enquire Now. Book Your FREE Home Loan Strategy Session

Discover how to get the right home or investment property loan and save years and thousands in repayments, fees and taxes

Years of Awards

You're in safe hands... OneSite Finance has been operating since 2005. In that time, we've won many individual and business accolades
The following are just the awards we've won in the last 5 years

Frequently Asked Questions


Here are some of the questions we often get asked by new clients

When applying for a loan directly through a bank, you are limited to the small range of loan products they offer. And the rates and discounts they offer to "walk-in" or branch customers.

You could try to compare their loans with other banks. But that would take hours of making phone calls, filling in applications, negotiating for discounts, and analysing a spreadsheet of confusing data. The process is a fair bit more complicated than comparing phone plans and that is often hard enough.

A good mortgage broker has a proven system to compare rates, fees and conditions from a variety of lenders. They will do all the research, administration and negotiation on your behalf – saving you many hours of tedious work and potentially uncomfortable conversations.

In short, we make it easy for you to get the most suitable loan with the least amount of stress.

Enquire Now. Book Your FREE Home Loan Strategy Session

Discover how to get the right home or investment property loan and save years and thousands in repayments, fees and taxes

OneSite Finance runs a variety of educational events and workshops. We try to make sure all events are small, intimate, informative and most of all fun. Our upcoming events are listed below

Are you looking to understand how the Property Market will react to the Federal & State Government housing and tax policies? Are you up to date on all the stimulus programs released by the government?

The workshop will walk you through the government's proposed tax cuts, as well as the first home loan deposit incentive scheme that has been rolled out earlier this year. As well as any reactions by the government to the natural disasters we've had so far in 2020.

See how you can prepare yourself for the coming financial year.

This event will be hosted in conjunction with Harry Edwards, Managing Director at Bell Partners Norwest who will help answer these and other tax-related questions.

Read More ›

This is an educational workshop with property industry experts centred around how to invest wisely in a post COVID-19 environment. The presenters will debunk some myths around property investing, as well as share practical tips on how to invest sustainably and within your means.

This webinar is aimed at new and experienced property investors. The presenters will share tips on how to successfully navigate this environment to capitalise on new opportunities that will arise in the property market.

This event will be hosted in conjunction with Emma Allen, the Founder of Active Property investing who will share her insights around the current property market conditions.

Read More ›

Painting new house

Building Your Home: The Land & Construction Loan Process

August 7, 2020

Building your home can be a long and challenging process. This is in no small part due to the land and construction loan process. 

This guide outlines the journey you will go through. From purchasing the land to constructing your dream home. This article will show you what to do at each step. What to ask for. What pitfalls to steer away from.

The guide will also go through the different steps involved in the land and construction loan process. This is the process of obtaining finance to complete your home building project.

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[Video] Upgrading Your Home? Keep Or Sell Your Existing Home?

July 31, 2020

Are you thinking of upgrading your home? Many clients want to know what to do when they want to move homes.

Can you keep your existing home as an investment and buy a new one? Should you sell your existing home first, and then buy?

Should you buy first, and then sell your existing home to get the best return? Do you need short-term bridging finance to make this happen?

This video will walk you through the different strategies you can use when upgrading your home. Each strategy has its own pros and cons.

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Red, White, Orange & Blue Monopoly Houses

When Should I Fix My Home Loan?

July 23, 2020

One of the things you need consider when looking for a home loan is whether or not to use a fixed or variable interest rate based home loan product.

To fix, or not to fix… That is the question.

Shakespeare aside, this is one of the bigger decisions you need to make when you’re looking to get a home or investment loan.

Whether you are a first home buyer or a seasoned property investor, there are a number of things to consider once you’ve decided to fix. Things like:
– How much of your home loan to fix
– How long to fix your interest rate for

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Your Independent Mortgage Broker in Sydney

Helping Sydney Home Buyers and Investors Since 2005

OneSite Finance compares loans from 40 plus lenders to help you save years in mortgage repayments, fees and taxes... We provide independent, expert advice and fast home loan approvals

Thousands of Happy Sydney Clients Served Since 2005

151 Real Client Reviews on Social Media Averaging 5.0 Stars

Our Expert Mortgage Brokers Will Meet You Online or In Person