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[Video] How the Interest Rate Increase Will Affect Your Repayments

May 15, 2022

For the first time since November 2010, the RBA has raised its official cash rate – from 0.1% taking it to 0.35%. This was above market expectations for a 0.15% hike, and a bit closer to our expectation for a 0.4% move. This article will take you through how this interest rate increase will affect your repayments.

The RBA appears to have partly accepted the argument that it had to do something decisive in order to signal its resolve to get inflation back down. It also announced that it will start quantitative tightening, by allowing its portfolio of bonds on its balance sheet to run down as they mature.

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Contract of sale

[Video] What To Do Before Signing The Contract of Sale?

May 10, 2022

Hunting for a property is exciting but is not always the most difficult part of the property purchase journey… Once you find the property you are after, there are 8 things to do before signing the contract of sale.

This ensures you minimise your loss if you don’t end up proceeding with the purchase, and you ensure there are no unanticipated issues before settlement day.

We cover what to do:
– While you are searching for the property
– When you find a property you like
– What to negotiate once a price is agreed
– While reviewing the contract of sale

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What is the First Home Super Saver Scheme – FHSS?

Aug 3, 2021

The First Home Super Saver Scheme (FHSS) is an Australian Government initiative, allowing you to save for your home inside your super, helping first home buyers save faster with the concessional tax treatment of superannuation.

The FHSS was introduced by the Australian Government to reduce pressure on housing affordability. It is designed to allow first home buyers to save towards a home deposit in their super fund. Under the FHSS Scheme, you can make either before-tax contributions or after-tax contributions to your super account. You can then request a release of the funds when you are ready to buy a home to live in.

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Excellence in customer service award

Excellence in Customer Service – Mortgage Industry Award

Nov 23, 2020

On Friday, 20 November 2020, the team at OneSite Finance was thrilled to win PLAN Australia’s award for Excellence In Business – Customer Service for NSW/ACT for 2020.

As with everything in 2020, PLAN Australia’s Awards Night was held remotely! But not to be outdone, the OneSite Finance team had their own party in the office.

The team was commended for their exemplary service during 2020 with all its challenges, as well as leading up to it.

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[Video] Building Your Home: The Land & Construction Loan Process

Aug 7, 2020

Building your home can be a long and challenging process. This is in no small part due to the land and construction loan process. 

This guide outlines the journey you will go through. From purchasing the land to constructing your dream home. This article will show you what to do at each step. What to ask for. What pitfalls to steer away from.

The guide will also go through the different steps involved in the land and construction loan process. This is the process of obtaining finance to complete your home building project.

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[Video] Upgrading Your Home? Keep Or Sell Your Existing Home?

Jul 31, 2020

Are you thinking of upgrading your home? Many clients want to know what to do when they want to move homes.

Can you keep your existing home as an investment and buy a new one? Should you sell your existing home first, and then buy?

Should you buy first, and then sell your existing home to get the best return? Do you need short-term bridging finance to make this happen?

This video will walk you through the different strategies you can use when upgrading your home. Each strategy has its own pros and cons.

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