Excellence in Customer Service – Mortgage Industry Award

On Friday, 20 November 2020, the team at OneSite Finance was thrilled to win PLAN Australia’s award for Excellence In Business – Customer Service for NSW/ACT for 2020. This is an award for businesses that

As with everything in 2020, PLAN Australia’s Awards Night was held remotely! But not to be outdone, the OneSite Finance team had their own party in the office.

Excellence in customer service award

Excellence in customer service award

The team was commended for their exemplary service during 2020 with all its challenges, as well as leading up to it. This is evidenced by the multitude of excellent reviews left by OneSite Finance’s satisfied customers on Google and Facebook.

Of special note was:

  • The speed and efficiency with which OneSite Finance pivoted to provide online services once the COVID Pandemic started. Explaining complex concepts over Zoom is not easy.
  • The shift from in-person educational events to online events to keep existing and new clients informed and educated on different topics.
  • The maintenance of OneSite Finance’s high customer service standards in spite of the challenging business environment brought on by the COVID pandemic.

All About Customers

The award is the culmination of years of blood sweat and tears to set up an organisation built from the ground up to provide the highest level of customer service.

The above can not be done without our great customers. During our 15 years in business, we seem to specialise in attracting and retaining great clients. This goes a long way in ensuring the team provides 110% in everything they do.

We built on our long-term client relationships by ensuring client expectations are met or exceeded. From there, we add the following:

  • Post-settlement reviews
  • Monthly newsletters with market commentary and helpful advice 
  • In-depth annual home loan reviews
  • Regular pricing reviews
  • Running regular educational workshops and seminars on a number of different topics

During our 15 years in business, we seem to specialise in attracting and retaining great clients

Who is PLAN Australia?

PLAN Australia is one the largest mortgage aggregation groups in Australia, with over 1,600 member firms representing over 3,000 mortgage brokers. They provide a host of business support services for independent mortgage broking firms all over Australia.

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