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Lenders are continuing to target property investment in order to comply with the Australian Prudential Regulatory Authority (APRA) and the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) directives announced in April. This is especially true in the east coast capitals of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Property market update

Property market update

APRA and ASIC are trying to manage the growth in property prices as well as add some resilience to the property market. They are doing this by trying to reduce the number of Investors in the market as well as their effect.

This is done largely by reducing investors’ capacity to borrow.

Lenders have chosen to implement these directives by continuing to increase the interest rates on Interest Only and Investment loan products which are the ones most favoured by Investors.

They are hoping that by making these products less attractive, they will push more Borrowers – both Home Owners and Investors to more traditional Principal and Interest payments.

The table bellow will give you an overview of the changes in the market over the last 30 or so days. We will be updating this table on a regular basis as lenders update their rates throughout the month of July.

BankProducts AffectedChangeEffective Date
CBASVR Owner Occupied Home Loans – Principal & Interest-0.03%7-Jul-2017
CBA SVR Owner Occupied Home Loans – Interest Only+0.30%7-Jul-2017
CBASVR Investment Home Loans – Principal and Interest7-Jul-2017
CBASVR Investment Home Loans – Interest Only+0.30%7-Jul-2017
St GeorgeOwner Occupied Home Loans – Principal & Interest-0.08%30-Jun-2017
St GeorgeOwner Occupied Home Loans – Interest Only+0.35%30-Jun-2017
St GeorgeInvestment Home Loans – Principal and Interest30-Jun-2017
St GeorgeInvestment Home Loans – Interest Only+0.34%30-Jun-2017
NABOwner Occupied Home Loans – Principal and Interest-0.08%30-Jun-2017
NABOwner Occupied Home Loans – Interest Only+0.35%30-Jun-2017
NABInvestment Home Loans – Principal and Interest30-Jun-2017
NABInvestment Home Loans – Interest Only+0.35%30-Jun-2017
ANZOwner Occupied Home Loans – Principal and Interest-0.05%16-Jun-2017
ANZOwner Occupied Home Loans – Interest Only+0.30%16-Jun-2017
ANZInvestment Home Loans – Principal and Interest-0.05%16-Jun-2017
ANZInvestment Home Loans – Interest Only+0.30%16-Jun-2017
WestpacOwner Occupied Home Loans – Principal and Interest-0.08%30-Jun-2017
WestpacOwner Occupied Home Loans – Interest Only+0.34%30-Jun-2017
WestpacInvestment Home Loans – Principal and Interest30-Jun-2017
WestpacInvestment Home Loans – Interest Only+0.34%30-Jun-2017
AMPOwner Occupied – Principal and Interest & Interest Only26-Jun-2017
AMPInvestment – Principal and Interest & Interest Only+0.35%26-Jun-2017
INGOwner Occupied – Interest Only+0.15%23-Jun-2017
INGOwner Occupied – Interest Only+0.20%7-Jul-2017
INGOwner Occupied – Principal and Interest (Orange Advantage)-0.05%7-Jul-2017
INGInvestment – Principal and Interest7-Jul-2017
INGInvestment – Interest Only+0.35%7-Jul-2017
Table last updated Wed. 5-Jul-2017

What You Need To Do

As per our advice from April, if you’re using an Interest Only Home or Investment Loan, you need to:

  1. Speak with your Accountant – Check with your Accountant first to see if you are better off staying with your current Interest Only loan or switching to a Principal and Interest loan at a lower rate. While you can save on the interest paid by switching to a P&I loan on a lower rate, there maybe unintended tax implications. Best to seek professional advice first.
  2. Speak with your Mortgage Broker – If your Accountant advises that you are better off on a P&I loan, contact your Mortgage Broker / Loans Advisor. They should be able to help you identify the loan product that best suits your current needs.
  3. Review your loan – Contact your Mortgage Broker / Loans Advisor in order to organise a loan review. There maybe newer products on the market that are more suited to your current needs.

Remember, Interest Rate is important but it’s not the only factor when choosing a Lender.

The product, facility and bank policies all have to be able to help you achieve your financial goals. Every Lender has their pros and cons and everyone’s situation is different. What works for one Borrower, may not work for another.

Home Loan Health Check

Let’s see if we can help you find a more suitable loan product…

It should not take more than a couple of minutes to tell us about your current situation and what you want to do. After this, one of OneSite’s Loans Advisors will contact you to start the review process.


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