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Our vision is to create a STRESS-FREE experience for our clients. To build long lasting relationships by providing  excellent customer service whilst saving you time and money.


We have extensive experience in the industry. Most importantly, we are property owners and have our own loans so we know exactly what you are going through and will show you how to choose the loan products that suits your needs.


We will go through your current and future situation, needs and goals to make sure you have the most flexible loan solution that addresses your needs. We will present you with the loan option(s) from our lenders.


We coordinate the buying process with your lender, solicitor and real estate agent. We will help you claim the first home owners grant, organise settlement and much more.

Learn how to budget and to accelerate your savings. See how you can set effective plans in order to make your current or future property purchases that much easier. Learn how you can form good long term spending habits. This workshop is run in conjunction with Kristina Plimer, Founder of The Wealth Tutor.

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This is OneSite's annual Property, Tax and Finance Master Class. Our experts will show you how to source and negotiate the purchase of your next property, when to renovate vs. relocate, how to maximise your tax benefits as a property investor and finally how to prepare your finances when applying for a new mortgage.

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OneSite Finance will help you find the loan package that suits your current and future needs.

Our knowledgable advisors are here for you.

No matter how big or small your needs, we aim to provide the best experience possible!

Our knowledgeable advisors have over 11 years experience in this fast changing industry. OneSite Advisors know what approach to take when it comes to planning long term goals and benefits for clients. 

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Trust OneSite to give you the most suitable advice for your business

  • Extensive Experience

Work with people who own property themselves and know the loan process

  • Dedicated Advisors

One person to answer all your questions and concerns

  • Exceptional Service

We'll always help you find the loan or solution that suits your needs

"I would highly recommend OneSite finance. I dealt with Norman who was very professional and efficient. He also was very accommodating to my schedule and fitted me in when he could. My emails and calls where promptly answered. I would highly recommend OneSite finance to any future prospect."


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Estate planning

Why You Should Look At Your Estate Planning

October 18, 2017

There are at least 3 documents you should consider as part of your personal estate planning:
1. A will
2. A power of attorney
3. Appointing an enduring guardian

If you pass away without a valid Will in place, your estate will be divided up without regard to your wishes at all.

A badly drafted Will could mean that your intended beneficiaries could be receiving far less from their inheritance than you might hope and paying more tax than is necessary each year after you die.

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House on coins

Refinancers Caught Out By APRA’s Rule Changes

October 18, 2017

APPRA’s rules which were toughened in March 2017 are aimed at improving banks’ balance sheets in order to allow them to withstand future financial shocks similar to the Global Financial Crisis 10 years ago.

The tighter rules include limiting new interest only loans to only 30 per cent of the market, at Loan to Value Ratios (LVRs) above 80%. At the same time, borrowers are being assessed on higher interest rates and higher deemed expenses. This will ensure borrowers have a much bigger buffer to service their loans should rates go up. Dramatically!

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Money saving tips

Budgeting: Effective Tips To Land That Home Loan

October 13, 2017

Looking to enter the property market and worried about how you’re going to secure your first home loan? It’s time to start making your money work for you so you can land that loan.

Qualifying for a home loan isn’t always an easy path. Aggressive interest rates, competition in the market and less than rigorous saving habits can often push people out of the property game completely – but it shouldn’t.

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